Broth: This New SUPERFOOD Is Making An Almighty Comeback

It’s official. Hipsters love broth, but what exactly is it and why should you be consuming it?

Like many things Paleo-centric, what’s old is now new. Bone Broth could be one of the oldest meals on the planet. However, it seems the warm, pleasurable beverage is swinging back into popularity. We have noticed a few specialty stores popping up in both New York City and San Francisco, where broth sells for ~$10.

Bone Broth soups

The terribly named, bone broth, is essentially stock. You can make it using any animal bones – chicken, beef, turkey, human – that you then roast and let simmer with vegetables for a couple of hours. It is very light, thin and tastes amazing. Bone Broth packs in an extraordinary amount of protein and is very rich in Gelatin, which improves the health of your skin. It’s no wonder some people are calling bone broth a super food.

Considering how nutritious broth is, it’s very inexpensive to make. However this is not a cooking blog so if you’re wondering how you can get your hands on some broth – and you don’t fancy paying $10 for a cup – then you should try this tutorial.

Full Benefits of Bone Broth

  • Minerals – Whilst the bones cook, minerals such as; Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium will leach into the water. This process can be aided by including cider vinegar into the water.
  • Arthritis & Joints – Surprisingly, broth contains glucosamine and chondroitin, two elements that are well known in use against arthritis and general joint pain. glucosamine and chondroitin supplements alone cost between $15-$20.
  • Gelatin – This is good for a number of things, including; hair and nail growth, improving cellulite, liver functioning and much more.

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